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The "Agro-Oven” corporation has been working on its poultry business branch since 2006. Nowadays the "Agro-Oven” Broiler Business is a European-level high-capacity manufacturing complex which includes an incubator, three poultry farms where chicken broilers are reared, a compound feed mill, a complex for poultry meat processing, a rendering plant, and three contemporary multi-profile laboratories.

Marketing of chicken broiler meat is carried out by the Trading House specifically established within the company for this purpose. It is the stage of rearing of chicken broilers that determines palatability traits of meat.

Highly-nutritious feeds manufactured at the “Gubinikha Compound Feed Mill”, elimination of harmful additives of artificial origin in birds’ diet, clean fresh water drawn from an artesian well, contemporary manufacturing technology, and due care of the "Agro-Oven” professionals guarantee high quality and excellent taste of meat.

Consumers can purchase meat products under “Zolotko” TM in more than 20 meat shops of the company’s own retail chain, in large retail trade chains, in branded retail stores in many cities of Ukraine, in the CIS countries and in countries of Asia and Middle East.


Using leading-edge technologies, employing highly-qualified personnel and consistent quality control at all stages of the manufacturing process ensured by advanced laboratories - this is what makes for success of the company. The main objective of the "Agro-Oven” company in its cooperation with consumers is to establish long-term partnership relying on stability, understanding, and trust.